Given the current political circumstances, immigration reform is a topic of conversation for everyday people, civil rights groups, and other politically minded. My goal is to provide comprehensive summaries that will help readers break down the legal jargon and misconceptions that may be floating around.

Why this is important to me … 

I was born and raised in New York City – in a neighborhood called Spanish Harlem. I was able to see first-hand different types of immigration stories:

  • people who came into the country illegally,
  • people who, through hard work, were able to become citizens,
  • people who only decided to stay in the country for a short time and
  • people who decided to stay for much longer.

These are not the only situations people are in. This past election campaign was proof that discrimination, racism in particular, is practiced throughout the country. It’s devastating for me to hear all this negative rhetoric aimed at the people I grew up learning to love, respect, and appreciate. I can’t just stand around waiting for the next victim’s name to appear on the news headlines, can you?

How You Can Help … 

  • Stay Informed

There are plenty of activists constantly providing updates on all types of politics. I will try my best to cover the most recent updates, but I encourage you to research for yourself.

  • Volunteer

There are plenty of places that need your assistance. ACLU has provided a map of affiliated branches throughout the country. Call them! Act with them!

Of course, you can look for affiliated organizations as well.